Valentine’s Day Tips

It seems every year right around Valentine’s Day I’m just getting out of a relationship. Ha ha maybe because I know its coming to an end and I can’t bear to go through the fake motions on the day.(or I’m too cheap to buy a gift lol) There is nothing worse than having to act cute and cuddly with a girl you’re not into.

My best Valentine’s Day ever: 2 years ago I was dating this girl Nancy for a couple months. Three days before Valentine’s Day I head down to Rio de Janeiro. I spend the week… well you guys can assume what I was doing and doing and doing 🙂

I don’t call her the entire trip. When I get home we have “the talk.” She tells me she’s not interested in casual sex… if I want to keep seeing her she wants commitment. I tell her “then I guess we shouldn’t see each other anymore.” A week later she calls me up and says “I’ve decided I’m okay with casual sex.” We fuck commitment free for another month. She was a great lay too!!

Anyway, I thought I would post these Valentines Day tips from the guys at The Mystery Method.

Valentines Day Advice by The Mystery Method

Let me just say this: Unless you are either completely single or in one committed long-term relationship, Valentines Day is not your friend.

What you do on Valentines Day depends on your status. Were going to go over:

  • If youre not involved with anyone.
  • If you are involved with a woman but she doesnt have girlfriend status.
  • If you do have a girlfriend.
  • If you have more than one girlfriend in the same city,

1) If you are not involved with anyone

  • Do not contact a woman youre interested in if shes not your girlfriend or you and her arent clearly on that path.
  • Do not send flowers, anonymous or not. Go dark.
  • A day or two after Valentines Day (Thursday, February 14th), call her and tell her a funny story about something that happened when you were out with a friend on Thursday. Be subtle “ shell put two and two together “ and make your story take place somewhere fun and romantic but not over the top. Use embedding (explained in the storytelling chapter in Magic Bullets, or in the Love Systems Routines Manual version of the same). Make the setting the background to the story. A story about a woman taking off her shoes to dance and then seeing them slide over the deck into the water while you and your friend went on a dinner/cruise works better than a dry recitation of  we did this and then we did that. The latter could seem a transparent attempt to make her jealous or would brand you as a player.
  • Dont ask her what she did on Thursday or Valentines Day. Assume that she was either alone or with a lesser man. Dont react or be interested.
  • Go out and meet women! Women who go out on Valentines Day are looking for romance and to feel better about themselves. Prepare for questions like Why arent you with someone tonight?and Why dont you have a girlfriend? There are tons of great responses for these sorts of tests in the Love Systems Routines Manual.
  • Dont get drunk and get tempted to call someone you wish you were with.
  • Dont stay sober and get tempted to call someone you wish you were with.
  • A mass text message of Happy Valentines Day to all of the women in your phone may prompt some women to text back, possibly revealing new or buried interest you.

2) If you are involved with a woman but she isnt your girlfriend (or obviously on that track):

  • This is the trickiest one. Valentines Day is great for women because it forces men to reveal their intentions. You may have been casually flirting with her and playing hard to get, but as soon as you ask her out on Valentines Day, she will know that your interest is serious. Unless she is equally interested in you, she will know that she can have you, and will therefore be more likely to be bored with the lack of a challenge. Remember, being Challenging is one of the eight attraction triggers from Magic Bullets.
  • Yes, this sucks. No, it doesnt mean shes a bitch. People want what they cant have, and women and relationships are no exception. On the other hand, if shes into you and you dont offer to make plans… you may be discarded for someone who does. Sorry. This can be a no-win situation. I didnt make the world; I just live in it.
  • The best bet here is to go out with a mixed group (either a group of singles, or include some couples once theyve done the private Valentines Day stuff together) and invite her to come along. Keep it nice and ambiguous.

3) If she is your “ one and only “ serious girlfriend:

  • Theres no way around this. Make the day special for her. Do the traditional date and do it right.
  • Send her flowers, and send them to somewhere she can show them off to her friends. Valentines Day for women is in part a who has the best boyfriend competition. So send flowers to her work if thats appropriate, or to her apartment if she has a few roommates.
  • Dont just send roses. Be creative. But make it nice.
  • Doing the traditional Valentines Date means showing up dressed nicely (even in a suit). Make reservations somewhere nice and do something exciting afterward. And then enjoy how grateful she is.

4) If you are seriously dating multiple women in the same city:

  • Get out of town. Im serious. Most beautiful women will not accept seeing a man once a week or more, sleeping with him, and not getting to spend Valentines Day with him if hes in town.
  • Make it a business trip, a family emergency, whatever it is, leave before Thursday and dont come back on Friday. Thats too obvious. Disappear for at least a couple of days.
  • Send flowers to all of them and call all of them.

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