Drake’s Tech Tips- Use the Word Friend

Here is another column from Sebastian Drake of Master the Vibe.

Using the Word Friend by Sebastian Drake

Use the word “friend”. A lot.

“You’re such a good friend”
“I’m glad we’re becoming friends”
“Wow, it’s crazy to meet a new friend at the bus stop
“You’re my first Swiss friend”
“I like your friends”
“I think your friends like my friends”
“I’m so glad we’re friends”
“You remind me of my friend Jamie”

Friend, friend, friend, friend, friend. Try getting off 3-4 of “F-bombs” in a 10 minute span. Most men are actively trying to avoid being friends with women, because they’re scared of it. Only high status men with an abundant social life go out of their way to make friends.

Try dropping the word friend a few times today and watch the result!

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