How to Give Her a G Spot Orgasm

Poor momI’ve decided that I’m going to start including some good sex tips every Thursday from here on out. The reason I think that getting better in bed is so important is the confidence it brings with it. Many guys new to picking up women are held back by an inner fear of failure in the bedroom. They have a strong fear of their inexperience being exposed.

And the truth is when you’re confident and alpha in the bedroom with a women, it will transcend to all other areas of your life. Not to mention that impact it will have on your game knowing that you are “the man” in bed.

I got this awhile back from a guy named David Van Arrick, a self proclaimed “sexpert.” I can’t attest to his credentials, but i can say that this article below on the G-spot is GOLD!

All you guys sick of your girl making you eat her out because its the only way she can cum… must read!

How to Master the G-Spot by David Van Arrick

Here’s how tostack the deck in such a way that her having a G-spot orgasm is as inevitable as it is irresistible!

The reason most folks can’t get it to work is because they don’t understand under what conditions a woman is most likely to have a G-spot orgasm in the first place.

There are several major keys you need to know in order to absolutely insure a woman has a G-spot orgasm and two of those master keys are…

Timing and Sexual Tension

Now I am assuming here that you already know how to find the G-spot. The biggest factor in giving a woman a G-spotTo live, to learn, to love in the major key orgasm is really timing.

Although timing is the biggest factor, it’s definitely not the only one, but lets talk about timing for a bit.

The best time to give a woman a G-spot orgasm is when her G-spot is swollen and active as a result of her becoming sexually aroused?

When is the G-spot most likely to be swollen and sexually activated? To the point where you can go for the G-spot orgasm?

Immediately after she has had at least two clitoral orgasms!

Here is why.

While it is possible to give a woman a G-spot orgasm without giving her a clitoral orgasm first, it generally takes much
longer that way.

The G-spot takes much more time and stronger stimulation to reach its climaxing point. In fact unless you’re gifted with a
natural touch and the patience of a saint you’re more likely to give up in frustration before she makes it to orgasm.

Multiple clitoral orgasms make a woman more and more physically responsive to sexual stimulation… in other words…

The more she cums, the more likely it is that she’s going to keep cumming!

It’s easy to test. When you begin making love to your woman feel her G-spot.

Notice how swollen it is.

Give her a couple of clitoral orgasms through oral stimulation or fingering and notice how much more her G-spot is swollen

The more swollen the G-spot becomes the closer and easier it will be for her to have a good strong G-spot orgasm. That of
course begs the question…

How you make sure she has at least two good strong clitoral orgasms?

The single biggest key to giving her a clitoral orgasm or any orgasm for that matter is…


You have got to build the sexual tension within in her to the point where she’s ready to go absolutely mad with lust and desire for you!

Once you can get her to the point where every nerve and pleasure receptor in her body is screaming for sexual release and you’re the only one who can give it to her… she will literally orgasm for you twice as hard in half the time!

Now when you do that for your woman, you automatically activate a principle I call

Sexual Reciprocity…

When you give a woman that kind of experience she will literally work herself into frenzy, move heaven and earth, and happily surrender herself to what ever you desire just to please you in return! It’s an awesome spectacle to behold when a woman completely surrenders herself looks up and at you and just says…


(I never get tired of hearing that!)

Giving your woman a G-spot orgasm using the Rule of Three Method will take you from a sexual zero to a sexual hero practically in just one night!

Most women are lucky to get one clitoral orgasm a night and most women have never experienced a G-spot orgasm but after they do… they just can’t get enough of you!

The key to orgasms is simple ladies and gentlemen…Sexual Tension! The more you build it within her the longer stronger and more fulfilling your sexual life will be!

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