How to Redo Your Wardrobe Part 1 – The Throw Away

This is a 3 part series I am writing about how to redo your wardrobe. One of the biggest problems I see when I look at what guys wear, or better yet their closet; is that there is little or no synergy with the entire wardrobe. This makes things hard for a number of reasons.

  • They always wear (piece of clothing) because it goes with everything
  • A majority of their wardrobe is the med to their personal interests
  • Most of the stuff is old and anything new was a onetime purchase (event)

You Need Some Clarity

So you want to dress cool and be hip? It all starts with understanding what you’re working with and getting rid of what you don’t wear. Yes, this article is about how to throw away your clothes to get ready to redo your wardrobe. There is a reason that you do this first and you will understand by the next article in the series.

Organize by Type

Get all your clothes together, I mean all of them. Go down stairs or in the attic and pull out everything you own for all seasons and events. Now organize everything by type, not season.

A common problem is that men put things away because it’s “winter” clothes and then forget about them over time. You have to manage your wardrobe just like your food supply. When you’re running out of something, replace it with more so you can stay style fat!

After you have everything organized; pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, shoes, hats, jackets, sport coats, suits and underwear, never forget the underwear…

Throw it Out!

Go through each pile and start throwing out everything you don’t wear. If you are looking at something and saying “but I have always had this” or “this is my lucky t-shirt”, dump it or wash it and put it in a box somewhere that you will bury as a time capsule for aliens to find in the future.

The only way this will work is if you get rid of everything you don’t wear so that you can see what you actively have to work with. Most people only wear 15-25 different items on a regular basis yet everyone has a closet full of crap.

What’s’ Left?

If you haven’t been clothes shopping too much lately then you are probably left over with a relatively small amount of clothing. These are your staple outfits that you currently wear.

Now I want you to either write down or take pictures (preferred) of what you currently have and wear on a regular basis. If you take digital pictures, then print them out on a cheap color printer so that you can just cut them out like photos.


Study the remaining clothes or pictures of them and get ready for Part 2.

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