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Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

Kiss the cook!The first round of Halloween Parties are over. But over the course of the next week and especially Friday night, you can be sure there will be some kick ass Halloween Parties going on.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men and the Costumes to Avoid

As a general rule I only celebrate Halloween one time each year (usually 10/31 – although sometimes I choose an arbitrary date just to see people's reactions). This year for your benefit, I attended the First Annual Friday-Before-Halloween-Halloween Party. Guys, what follows is a list of the s that were present at my party (and likely yours as well).

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Most Common Costumes

The Dude Who Shows Up With No Costume Just To Be Cool Okay, let's get one thing straight. We are not in Junior High. Do not show up to a Halloween party wearing normal everyday clothes. You look like a retard.

The Priest For some reason, priests are in this year. There were four at the party I attended. Knowing that, I would not be a priest unless you had a hot girl sidekick dressed as an altar girl or maybe a naughty nun. On the pro side of the priest list is this: you can go up to girls who are dressed slutty (that's most of them by the way) and let them know that they have sinned.

The Johnny Depp Pirate Umm this is not 2003. Enough said.

The Mummy Sweet idea and if you can execute properly it will pay off. This was my . I got a ton of compliments. Everyone loved it. That is until my toilet paper started tearing and unraveling all over the party. Pros: easy to find where you've been (think Hansel and Gretel), cheap and original. Cons: by the end of the night you may look more like a rest stop bathroom than a mummy, difficult to move and extremely hot (the body is not made to be wrapped tightly apparently your skin likes to breathe. Who knew?).

Any Other Type of Pirate Pirates are played out. Sure it is fun to say AAAARRRGGGHHH, but trust me on this it is much more entertaining to say it on some random Tuesday in the office.

The Gangster Not sure how I feel about this one. The party I attended there weren't any gangsters I wasCowboys for Halloween! too impressed with. The whole black suit white tie look is getting old. Now if you go for the Al Pacino/Scarface type of gangster that is a different story. That would be bad-ass. Leave the chainsaw at home though.

The Referee? When girls wear this they look hot and sexy. Guys, when you wear this it looks like you just got off work at the YMCA.

The Keg One of my buddies went as the keg complete with the pump on his head (actually filled with about 16 oz of beer) and a line for dispensing said beverage should the line at the real keg get too long.

The Golfer The guy at this party actually looked more like a cross between Ranger Rick, a bee keeper and that dude who drives the tram that takes you on a tour of the zoo. And it was awesome.

The Doctor Complete with stethoscope and those funny mask things. I liked his . Or maybe it was just that I liked his assistant nurse better, if you know what I mean.

The Couple Costumes My girlfriend was a really sexy beer girl, you know like the ones from Germany. I was a mummy. Any other questions?

ShaaronSadly the above list is the only s that were memorable to me. What follows are some ideas that I think will be a huge hit should you choose to attempt them. Please note many of them stem from pop-culture so you do run the risk of showing up and some dude having the exact same as you ? which is never good.

Costume Ideas You Should Seriously Consider

The Joker Make sure you are the Heath Ledger one and not Jack Nicholson. And lick your lips, a lot.

Senator Obama Or should I say soon to be President Obama?

John McCain Navy blue suit, don't move your arms at all and you've got it.

Indiana Jones I have never seen one of these movies. Shocking I know. What I do know is that Indiana has a rope. See that girl standing all alone in the corner? Want her to talk to you? Lasso and pull.

Iron Man Now that would be bad-ass! Please do not attempt to fly.

Michael Phelps I just came up with this one on my own. Feel free to steal it. No charge.

Department of Erections An orange prison jumpsuit with a giant, you know. Honestly this one could go either way.

Santa Claus Girls can sit on your lap and tell you what they want.

Clark Kent to the RescueI hope that you are able to take something away from my advanced scouting mission. I do it for you because I care. I do not want you to go to a party this Halloween and look like a fool. I want the ladies to come up to you and say, I love your ! And you can reply,Yeah, yours is all-right or something to that effect. Play it cool. Happy Halloween.

For the best, most original of 2009, watch this video of Halloween Costume ideas for guys.

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