A Secret Vacationing Tip

I’m not sure how much of a secret this actually is… but I do know that not nearly enough people are taking advantage of it.

How many of you spend over $150 a night on a hotel with two tiny beds, a 12 inch TV, and no balcony? And absolutely no privacy from your roommate. Probably most of you, I would assume.

Here is a secret I learned the first time I went to Rio de Janeiro almost five years ago. In Rio my friends and I spent close to $200 a night for a modest size room with no amenities. But we found the true disadvantage of our room the first night there: No overnight guests!

Yes, this meant that we could not bring any of the beautiful Brazilian women back to our hotel (without paying the deskman a hefty bribe) Talking to people we soon discovered that this was the norm in most hotels in South America.

I was lucky enough to meet a lovely young lady who wanted some private time with me so much that she rented a small apartment just a few blocks from my hotel. Her apartment was fully furnished, with full kitchen, jacuzzi bath, and large balcony that overlooked the ocean. It was a gringo’s paradise. And the kicker… she paid like $60 a night for it.

Needless to when I traveled back to Rio the next year I found a spacious 4 bedroom apartment on the internet. There were four of us staying there and it worked out to less than $17 a night per person… and we were in the heart of Ipanema, the best spot in Rio.

Even better, we had the place packed with Brazilian hotties every night without having to answer to some door man looking for a hand me out.

SInce then I’ve rented vacation homes in Fortaleza Brazil, Buenos Aires, Dominican Republic, and a ski house in Hunter Mountain.

Most recently, Mike and I rented the KINGPIN VILLA for our Wingman Weekend in the Dominican Republic. Yes, the place cost over $1000 a night. But split five ways it is not much more than your average hotel… and how often to you get to live like a South American Drug Czar in a palace on the ocean, with your own private staff?

If you want to experience it in person, join us on our next Wingman Weekend.

Either way, next time you plan a vacation, shop around for a rental before splurging on an over priced hotel room. There are apartments available in just about every city in the world, from studios to luxury penthouses and villas.

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