Listen Up in Bed

She’s Giving Clues… Are You Listening?

365 Day 195. 7 Sins Week. Lust.The ability to listen has been a cornerstone of relationships for thousands of years. Men who can listen have women by there side, its that simple. Inversely, failure to listen has been a familiar fight-starter between couples of all ages. Fact is: sometimes we choose when we listen. For instance, Im not really paying attention when my girlfriend talks about her best friends fashion mistakes. But when we do listen, the rewards are generally worth the effort. One place we need to be all ears is in the bedroom, specifically, in between the sheets.

Nobody would argue that keeping focus is very important during sex. Letting our minds roam never ends well. But dont be so focused that you ignore her fairly obvious audible signals, which can indicate both pleasure and discomfort. Normally, these clues are in the forms of moans, groans, sighs, heavy breathing, or even words. Heres what they mean

Common Female Sounds


If youve got your wife, girlfriend, or one-night-stand moaning, youre in good shape. Moreover, you might be just about done. A woman will moan for two main reasons. First, because shes really enjoying whatever it is youre doing. Second, because she wants you to think shes really enjoying whatever it is youre doing. If shes consistently faking it, youd better bone up on your skills because she is not happy (pun intended). But if youre confident that her moans are genuine, and you see her climax after them, use her moaning as a sign of efficiency. You may want to add a moan in yourself as you keep plugging away. And for Gods sake dont stop or change what youre doing.


Groans are tricky. They tend to have more of an unsettling feel to them. This may mean uncertainty with your approach. But this uncertainty can come in two shapes. She might be really uneasy with what youre doing. Perhaps youre trying something new and it just isnt working out. New tricks during sex can be scary for women. Or, she could uneasy because this is a new type of pleasure for her. She hasnt felt this way before and she definitely wants you to keep going. Shes surprised and almost worried about this new feeling. Why has she not felt this before? Whats going to happen? But if she has an orgasm after groaning, her girlfriends will know that youre sensational in bed. Its a good day to be you.


These can be great if they occur at the right time. An after-sex sigh is a sure sign of enjoyment. Its her100 degrees and rising way of saying wow without actually saying it. But a sigh during sex could be a bad situation. Nine times out of ten, her mid-sex sigh means she bored, or worse yet, tired. That one time out of a ten could be her signal that what you just tried was nice, but obviously it didnt lead to that special feeling, kind of like her saying Good try, please try again.

Heavy Breathing

Heavy Breathing is similar to moaning in many respects. It usually precedes moaning and oftentimes will be heard throughout the experience. Now, if you hear her breathe out heavily with a deep tone in her voice, shes really into your move. It almost takes her breath away. Stopping or changing the routine here would be suicide. If you hear her breathe in, it could signal pain or a little thing I like to call ULTIMATE SATISFACTION. You will either need to stop or get ready for the big show. Use her arm and hand movements to help you decipher the true meaning of her deep breaths.


Dirty talk is self-explanatory. And trying to provoke them with words of your own can lead to phenomenal sex. Obviously, words are pretty simple when there Yes, more, or oh God. But it can be difficult to judge the meaning of other more common lingo. For starters, the simple fact that she has enough time to talk means shes probably not writhing with enjoyment. If shes completing sentences youre probably in trouble. She feels comfortable enough to speak during this intimate, generally non-speaking act. This could mean that your sex is very casual and downright uneventful. Its probably time to show her youre serious about sex. The next time you hear her start to talk, try something immediately. See if she finishes her thought. If she does, tough break, if she doesnt, keep going.

Listening in the sac can be an easy way to increase your girls sexual satisfaction. And as a bonus, if you focus on whats coming out of her mouth, you may be able to last longer because you wont be thinking about lasting longer. So open your ears the next time you have sex, and use her information to your advantage

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