Top 10 Movies to Watch Before a Date

There comes a time before a big date when a little nervousness may occur. My advice to you is this: get over it. Quickly. Don’t be a wuss. You need to go into each and every date feeling sexy, confident and funny. Now between us, I have several tricks of the trade that help me get into the right mindset. Unfortunately, I cannot share them all with you here, but free of charge I will provide you with a huge secret. Movies. More specifically these movies.

The Best Movies to see Before Any Date

So without further delay here they are The Top 10 movies you need to watch before going out with any hottie.

garden state10. Garden State – Sarcasm and dry humor abounds from Zach Braff in this in movie (which he also wrote) about finding yourself. It is funny. Trust me.

What you can take away from it: Sarcasm and dry humor. What else?

9. 40 Days and 40 Nights – Josh Hartnett stars as the everyman who decided to give up sex for well, 40 Days and 40 Nights. (Hence the title, guys). Hilarity ensues with a bunch of attractive women.

What you can take away from it: Dont swear off sex before a date. In fact, dont swear off sex. Ever.

8. Just Friends – Hilarious movie and hilarious cast… Ryan Reynolds, Chris Klein, Anna Faris and Amy Smart. This movie will serve as a reminder of where you don’t want to wind up at the end of the night, aka “Just Friends”. Dont those two words when written together just make you want to cringe?

What you can take away from it: Advice. For example when Reynolds’ character says, “Don’t do lunch…. That’s like the express lane to the friend zone.”

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – From the creators of Knocked Up comes a movie reminding you that for every Kristen Bell you miss out on, there is another Mila Kunis waiting for you. Wait, that doesn’t really happen. Does it? Watch the movie and decide for yourself.

What you can take away from it: Washboard abs. You will be laughing so hard you’ll get a workout and completely forget you were nervous in the first place.

6. Knocked Up – Oh come on. I just mentioned this movie – you had to know it was coming. That’s what we call “foreshadowing”.

What you can take away from it: Unless your date happens to be with Katherine Heigl (it’s not) use protection.

Daniel Craig5. Casino Royale – Okay lets just sum this up quickly. Fast and sexy cars. Fast and sexy women. Gambling. Fighting. And oh yeah. Bond. James Bond.

What you can take away from it: A two hour manual that could be titled, How to be a Bad-Ass.

4. 21 – If you read my Bachelor Party article, you know how much I love Vegas. (If you didnt you should be ashamed of yourself). Well, 21 is Vegas at its best and that would be David taking down Goliath.

What you can take away from it: You might need to outsmart her but if you play your cards right (pun intended) you’re gonna walk away a winner.

3. Pulp FictionYes, the greatest movie of all time makes this list as well. Pulp is all about the dialogue.

What you can take away from it: Just memorize some of the lines and use them during your date. One of two things will happen. 1) She’ll laugh and think you are funny. This is good. 2) She will know it is from Pulp Fiction and discover you both have something in common. This is also good.

2. What Women Want – Mel Gibson plays a hunky heartthrob. When doesn’t Mel play a hunky heartthrob? The difference here is that his character can actually hear what women are thinking.

What you can take away from it: Ummm duh. You will know what women want.

1. Swingers – And here it is. This movie is the handbook to being a guy. It will teach you how to play itPulp Fiction cool. It will even teach you how long to wait before you call a girl after getting her number. My favorite line comes from Vince Vaughn. “You keep talking about puppy dogs and ice cream, of course its gonna end up on the friendship tip.”

What you can take away from it: Read what I just wrote. Is there anything else you need to know?

Got any other movies you think should be on the list… list them below!

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