5 Gifts That Will Get Your Girlfriend to Calm Down

Its a simple fact of life that boyfriends will piss off their girlfriends eventually, perhaps even frequently. As men, we can only hope the problem is small and fixable. Perhaps the best and most widely-accepted way to fix a screw up is to buy her something.

Next time your girlfriend catches you shamelessly flirting with her sister… Try buying one of these to get out of the doghouse.

[Note: This tip is only for serious girlfriends. We at TSB never recommend buying gifts for girls that you are not dating exclusively]

5 gifts to get out of the doghouse

A massage

This is a huge gift, not because of the price, but because of what it means. To a girl, a gift of a massage shows them several things. For one, it says their boyfriend genuinely cares about their well-being. Massages show that were dedicated to their happiness. You could say something like, Ive noticed youve had a lot of stress lately, so I got you a 30-minute massage to loosen up.It also shows that were okay letting someone else, potentially a guy, rub our ladies. Girls like it when you trust them and dont control everything about them. Crazy, I know. This gift can be expensive but a simple half-hour job wont break the bank.


Buy her a romantic dinner and make sure youre in the quiet part of the restaurant. Here you can wax poetically about how much she means to you. Shell appreciate the effort in securing the reservation and ensuring the privacy. If you have a restaurant that means something to you, maybe where you had your first date, try to book the same time and table if possible. Fancy dinners can be expensive, though, so tread carefully. You may want to consider cooking dinner yourself. Easy options are spaghetti or ravioli. Throw in some spices to class it up. While it might not taste good, most women will be grateful that you even tried.


So simple, yet so effective. Flowers are the breadwinner of girlfriend gifts. Flowers mean you were thinking of her when the two of you werent together, which is the most important thing to most women. Word to the wise, dont get too creative. Dont go for rainbow arrangements or tricky color schemes. Ask for an all-pink or purple theme and youll be fine. And dont forget about roses, women are genetically programmed to love them. Best of all, you can get a beautiful floral arrangement for under 20 bucks.

Make a gift

Time to get creative. Like flowers, making a gift from scratch shows that you were thinking of her in your free time. The trick here is to make something that will last. Make something that she can hang on the wall or put in the corner. A big card is nice, but a big book is better. Take 6 pieces of posterboard and make a flip book with either pictures or words on each of the pages. And dont skimp on the girly decorations, put effort into this. This is the cheapest gift, as making a creative gift can be done for as little as $10.


This is the big one. Her friends will be hearing about this gift, which means its a good one. Buy her tickets to an event that she, not you, would want to attend. Ideally, youll both enjoy it. For instance, my girlfriend likes the Steelers. So she got to see her favorite team and I got to watch a kick-ass NFL game. But dont just hand her the tickets, find a creative way to let her know. Maybe put them in her purse or hide them under her pillow. When she finds them, shell freak. Thats when you say, I just want to make you happy. Congratulations, you are out of the doghouse

We all do things we shouldnt, its simply our nature. But its how we dig ourselves out that matters. Try these gifts and get back on her good side.

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