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Arrested Development Movie Confirmed


Arrested Development Movie Confirmed

Arrested Development is one of my top funniest shows of all time. The show was a classic from the very first episode. Too bad most people suck and watch crap, and after three seasons the show was canceled.

The show has gone on to achieve a cult like following, and its fans may finally be getting the movie they’ve been begging for.

College News is reporting:

Arrested Development fans have reason to rejoice. One of the stars of the critically acclaimed cult hit, Jeffery Tambor, has confirmed the long standing rumors that a full length feature based on the show is in the works.

Tambor told that he has spoken to Arrested Development creator, Mitch Hurwitz, about the project and said it is a go. Tambor could not comment on when production would begin on the film but stated that when the writer/director calls you its a pretty good sign.

Tambor made the comments while promoting the DVD release of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

I really hope this movie gets made. If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch Arrested Development while it was on Fox I highly suggest purchasing it on DVD. You can pick up the entire series for under $50.

Watch a Clip of Arrested Development


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