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The average guy who hits on a girl is boring. He is generally talking about himself most of the time, or asking her flat dry questions that elicit no emotional response. If you want to be different, you need to speak in the way that most women think. You’ll need to create seductive conversations through the oldest form of capturing attention: the story.

Robert Schank wrote in his thought provoking scholarly book Tell Me a Story:

We do not easily remember what other people have said if they do not tell it in the form of a story. We can learn from the stories of others, but only if what we hear relates strongly to something we already knew. People think in terms of stories.

In short, if you want to create seductive conversations that stick in a girl’s mind longer after you’ve left her presence, then the best form may be through a story.

Everyone loves stories. The most successful articles, books, websites, and audio packages, all include stories. Women do not defend against a story. And, as Schank pointed out, people actually think in stories.

The essence of a seductive conversation is one that completely engages the two participants. This complete engagement could be regarded as a waking hypnosis. And the best way to achieve this reaction is by implanting mental images in her mind. Stories are the easiest and most interesting way to create these mental images that lead to this waking hypnosis.

We women listen to your story, it takes place in their head. This is the most powerful place for you to be. You are in her operating and control panel. The more you cause her to think in terms of mental images, the easier it will be to escalate the conversation forward physically as she will already be feeling different internal emotions.

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