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Close-up portrait of a young couple in loveMore evidence that sales and seduction are completely similar.

The last couple days I’ve been talking about a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. I wrote one post in which I explained the huge error in ways men are practicing their dating skills. Then yesterday I wrote a post that gave a more efficient way to practice improving skills.

Well, as I’ve been sort of hooked on Maltz’s book, I decided to see what other books he had to offer. I found another book of his on Amazon called Zero Resistance Selling. I read some of the reader reviews for the book, and found one that summed up the core of this book.

What I found most interesting about this book is how easily it could relate to seduction. Read over the review and think about how this relates to seduction.

Zero Resistance Selling is a process that must be honed, just as you would hone your public speaking skills, or any other skills that are part of your self-definition.

And to master your sells closure, that is, being influential, even in the most adversarial situations, here are 10 tenets to follow:

1. Show No Fear
This does not mean avoid or deny it. Recognize it, process it, and choose to breath your way to being confident. See fear as you inner self telling you that you are about to stretch your self-definition, in the face of others, and that there will be resistance. Read, “Fear of Flying,” by Erica Jong.

2. Believe in the Value of What You Are Selling
It’s not the sell that you are after. It’s the benefits that you are bringing to your buyer. It is also the ability to be influential.

3. Use Your Errors To Your Advantage
Remember, a mistake is not your entire identity – it’s a sign of where you can enhance your inner self-image.

4. Use Power Phrases
An example is, “Here’s how we’ll get started.”

5. Desire to Close Sales Means More Than Anything Else
You don’t have to like the person. You are there to influence change in that person’s life.

6. Take Objections as “No Big Deal”
The stronger the objection, the more your prospect is giving you, about him or her. Use this to compassionately respond to his or her needs. Stay in the moment. Take your time. And show your prospect that he or she matters.

7. Recognize Your Prospect’s Resistance as Helpful For the Sell
When you see, feel and hear that resistance, you know if this is a serious prospect. And if this is a serious prospect, their resistance tells you the questions that you must answer, for them to buy what you are sellng.

8. Deflect Negative Influences
If you invest your valuable time around people with bad attitudes, you will adopt this in your attitude, and it will reflect in your sells calls. Surround yourself amongst people who are free to be negative in a positive way, who also are optimistic. (Pointing out, and processing realities allows room for change). Read, “Unlimited Power,” by Tony Robbins.

9. Be Competitive, yet Stress-Free
Read “Mastery,” by George Leonard.

10. Celebrate Your Success
Think back, before your sells calls, of times when you have sold ideas, services, or products. Create a movie in your mind, of what happened before, during and after these successes. See this vividly. Identify as many details as possible. Then use this as an anchor, each time you prepare to make sells calls. Remembering these movies in your mind will condition you to be success now. Read, “Pyscho-Cybernetics,” by Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S.

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