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The “Howard Stern Mistake” with Women

I’m pretty sure most of you know who radio personality Howard Stern is. Have you listened to many of his radio broadcasts? I was discussing Howard Stern with a friend over dinner yesterday and we came to a mutual realization about Howard Stern’s mistake with women.

Now obviously Howard Stern doesn’t need my advice about women. The man is a multi millionaire world renown celebrity… but the question you need to ask yourself is “Am I a Howard Stern to women?”

The Howard Stern Mistake

There is no denying that Howard Stern has incredible social value. Whether its his money, his connections, his celebrity, or his sense of humor, millions of women would die for the opportunity to get on his show. Howard realizes this fact, and over the years he has positioned himself as the expert on female anatomy, and has sort of become the unofficial benchmark if a girl is hot enough to pose in Playboy.

Women seek his approval. They hunger for it. They’ll say just about anything to get it.

How does this relate to you?

There will come a point as you improve your outer and inner game where you will likely reach a point in which you will have tremendous social power within a particular scene. Maybe you will have established yourself as “the fun adventurous guy” that everyone wants to hang with, or maybe you will be known for being “the guy with the connections” that people seek out for favors, or maybe you’ll just be so damn cocky that girls will hunger for your approval. The objective-to keep in mind-is to not fall into the Howard Stern trap.

The Howard Stern mistake is simply being satisfied with the fact that women are hungry for your approval. Howard Stern lets dozens of girls every week parade themselves in front of him, begging for him to validate their worth… yet none of these girls have any attraction for Howard Stern.

I’ve seen many guys make this same mistake. The guys, high on their new power, are so enamored with the attention that they are getting from females that they can not distinguish which women are attracted to them, and which women are simply attracted to the attention a high status male is giving them.

Justin wrote a post awhile back called “Are you the man, or just a fan” and I think the post captures a lot of what this relates to. Often, as men we mistake attention from women as attraction. There is a big difference. Women want Howard Stern’s attention and approval. But women, in general, are not attracted to Howard Stern.

In the dating/seduction community it is often advised to use women to gain social value. This means that a man would engage in conversation with a woman at a bar, as a means of showing the other women in the bar that he has social value. Well, what many men do not know is that women do this too. If a woman perceives a man as having high social value, she will flirt with him to win his approval, for the sole purpose of further increasing her own value.

You need to be able to distinguish the difference, or else you will waste lots of time on women who have no attraction towards you. Justin laid out some good points in his article that will help you differentiate between the two.

They key thing to keep in mind is that even with social value you must constantly pushing the attraction triggers. You must also think in the way that naturals think about women. Howard Stern was no means a natural. He doesn’t think like a natural. So while his personality serves him well for entertaining the masses, it is not a personality that should be emulated.

Higher value is not the end. Higher value is simply a platform for which you can begin to build attraction from a girl. But you also must know when to cut your losses and accept the fact that you are Howard Stern to her.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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