What’s Bobby Reading? The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

MalcolmGladwell_64.JPGAs many of you know I am an avid reader.  I read at least one new book a week.  I read books on a broad range of subjects.  I go through phases where I absolutely devour every book on a subject that I become interested in.  If I enjoy a book enough I will often purchase the audio version so I can listen to it again in my car.

I realized recently that I’ve missed a great opportunity over the last few years to discuss the books that I’ve been reading with our readers here at TSB Magazine.  I thought I would start sort of a Bobby Rio Book Club here at TSB Magazine.

Although not all of the books I may choose may directly be related to a subject you are interested in, you can bet that any book I choose will be a means to self growth in some way.

I figure that I will just write a brief summary of the book I am currently reading or just finishing and allow anyone to join in a discussion on it with me via the comments below.  If I sense that this is catching on I will announce the book in advance, so that we can all be on the same page as far as reading goes.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

I actually just finished this book a couple days ago.  I am still digesting much of the content.  This was the kind of book where as you are reading it, you keep stopping to relate it to situations that you’ve been a part of. It is also the kind of book you want to discuss with anyone around you.

What is The Tipping Point?

The Tipping Point is a term Gladwell uses for the ideas or events that cause something to see explosive growth in popularity.Gladwell looks at trends in different areas such as disease epidemics, fashion, crime, education, and other social and cultural phenomenons.

I tend to relate everything to social growth as that is the subject that I am most fascinated with.  GladwellDemotivator - Popularity indicates the key players and ingredients for an idea to “tip.”  While reading this I couldn’t help but to view this in terms of social improvement, the idea of popularity, and ultimately how people are eventually classified into “the cool” and “the uncool.”

Gladwell suggests that there are three key players in giving someone or something the power to “tip.”  These three people are:  the connectors, the mavens, and the salesman.

The connectors are the people out there who accumulate friends.  These are the people whose social circle branches out into many different circles.  These are the people responsible for introducing a person or idea to the masses.

The Mavens are the people that acquire knowledge out there, and just love passing the knowledge along with no ulterior motive  Because their opinion is genuine, and not guided by personal gain, there opinions tend to be taken more seriously, thus playing a big role in the introduction of a person or idea.  I think I fall into the Maven category, as I love to pass along the various tidbits of knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years.

The Salesmen are born with the skills to persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing.  “He seems to have some indefinable trait, something powerful and contagious and irresistible that goes beyond what comes out of his mouth, that makes people who meet him want to agree with him. It’s energy. It’s enthusiasm. It’s charm. It’s likability. It’s all those things and yet something more.”

Just simply understanding the power of these three people can greatly influence how far you go in your social life.  Whether you’re trying to infiltrate a new social scene like a college campus, a corporate environment, or just trying to climb the social ladder at your high school or the local clubs and pubs you frequent, knowing who these three key figures are, and exploiting them correctly is the easiest way to “tip” yourself into the realm of “the cool.”

So much more in this book…

There was so much more I’d love to discuss about this book… so I’ll invite anyone who reads this (now or anytime in the future) to come back and join me for discussion.

If you want to learn more about the book… check it out.

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