Top 10 Dating Resolutions

I don’t know who the hell Sparky and Snarky are, but they put together a list of ten dating resolutions that I thought was good enough to pass along to all of you.

Top 10 Dating Resolutions for 2009

10. I will not be the last one to text every night when I first start flirting with someone.

9. I will not change my Facebook status to “in a relationship” within the first month of dating someone.

8. I will not get drunk on a first date.

7. I won’t keep going out with people after three dates if I’m not that into them, just because I’m bored or don’t want to be single.

6. I will wait, patiently, until my partner finishes what s/he has to say, even when I’m mad.

5. If I am single, I will put myself out there online, on the scene and through friends and meet new people, because variety is the spice of life.

4. If I am partnered, I will make an effort to keep the relationship interesting by trying new things together new places for dates, new activities in the bedroom, etc.

3. I will tell my sexual partners what I want in bed, and I will not be embarrassed about my desires, fetishes and comfort level with kink.

2. I will have as much sex as I want, but I will still be careful about my health.

1. I will raise my standards and lower my expectations.

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