Do You Make These Mistakes Escalating Physically With Women?

Common Mistakes Men Make Escalating Towards the Kiss

Caroline_One Night StandIf you can start conversations, make girls laugh, and build comfort…But for some reason, find that you just can’t progress towards hooking up with a girl… then you need to read this article.

You’re probably making one of these mistakes… or all of them.

Many guys don’t know when or how to initiate kino. They don’t know when to drop cocky & funny and begin to demonstrate interest. They have no clue how to tell if a girl is ready to be kissed. And because of this, they demonstrate their lack of experience and make physical escalation awkward or non existent.

I know… because I was one of those guys.

I just got done listening to one of the best interviews on the subject. I literally sat speechless listening to Sinn and The Don talk about escalating towards a kiss. All I kept thinking about was just how many unbelievable opportunities I blew because I had no clue how to properly escalate. I feel compelled to share some of the juicy details with you guys.

You Need to Become a Touchy Guy

Sinn starts off the interview making a bold statement: You need to become a touchy guy. And you need to touch everyone in the set within the first 30 seconds of talking to them. I’m not a naturally touchy person, so this was probably the hardest pill for me to swallow. But once you realize just how many opportunities you have to touch a woman in a non threatening, playful manner over the course of a conversation, you’re eyes awaken to a whole new world.

As Sinn suggests… the whole goal of kino escalation is to let you judge exactly where you are at in an interaction. Obviously the more kino she accepts, the further you are towards kissing her.

day fifteen. my first jump in 30 days!The kino should start with something as simple as a high five (which can be a powerful indicator of interest if you know what to look for) thumb wrestling, or rough housing, to simple routines outlined by Sinn and The Don, such as The New York Handshake, all the way to a routine like the TV Test, which lets you initiate an embracing routine to test her comfort, while still using push/pull.

They often refer to kino as the map that lets you know where you are at in the escalation, with every advancement testing her comfort threshold. Your goal is to progress towards a kiss in a way that makes her think “it just happened.”

In this interview The Don gives a list of kino milestones you need to keep working towards, and suggests keeping it as a draft in your phone to remind yourself to keep progressing.

Some other highlights of the interview:

  • Sinn’s claw technique for early kino advancement
  • How to make her uncomfortable with you NOT touching her
  • Just how far do you take the touching?
  • Recognizing comfort thresholds
  • Why the commonly accepted 7 hour rule is bullshit
  • Why you fuck up more for not going for it then going for it?
  • Several kino based routines that make it seem natural to progress
  • The two ways to kiss a girl
  • Three classic Kiss closes.. including Future’s “almost kiss”
  • How to get the kiss out of the way early
  • Why you need to build comfort immediately after kiss to avoid anti slut defense
  • How to continue the escalation if your still in a bar or club
  • When to drop cocky & funny and simply escalate

You can listen to ten minutes of this brilliant interview here.

If you’ve been making the same escalation mistakes for years, you’ll need to listen to this CD five or six times and really let this information sink in.

Escalation is probably the one area of game that most men never reach their full potential simply because they don’t know what to do, or how to do it.

What you should really do is order the CD and listen to it over and over until these profound truths are ingrained in your mind. Why continue to make mistakes that are so easily corrected with a little knowledge and practice?

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