The Do’s and Don’t of Bar Clothing

The Do’s and Don’t of Bar Clothing

The Do’s

street4 1. Wear moderately tight clothes

If you work out, you should be able to flaunt it a little bit. There are few women out there who prefer a skinny guy to a built one. As long as you're not bodybuilder big, you've got a leg up on the competish. The length of your sleeves is important. For t-shirts, I like the sleeves to be about 2 inches from the elbow, this length shows a little bit of tricep. For long-sleeve shirts, I'll often roll them up to just about the elbow.

2. Wear jeans, jeans, and more jeans

Unless it's mid-summer, there is really no reason to wear any other type of pants to a bar. Don't be the guy who looks like he's right out of Harvard, trying to rock the polo with the khakis. And definitely don't wear any type of pants with cargo pockets. Think Gap and Banana Republic not Jnco and Bugle Boy.

3. Wear a belt

Your belt should be thick? a man's belt. It should be a solid color, with a simple buckle. Not too long that the tag sticks out and hangs, but not too short that it barely fits. It should also match your shoes. And for the love of women, don't wear a braided belt. I was shocked to see one of my good friends wearing a brown braider well into his college career, looking like my grandpa or worse, a little kid. One time I asked him if we were going to a bar or an activity night back at our middle school. High five?

4. Wear low socks

If you're wearing shorts, your socks should barely be visible, if at all. And the part that's visible shouldn't say NIKE or ADIDAS. Don't draw any unnecessary attention to this part of your body, it won't get you anywhere. I cut off the tops of a couple pairs of socks I had and they work perfect, sitting just under the top of my shoes. Don't go barefoot for fear of blisters and smell.

5. Wear Converse, Adidas, or Puma

There are other acceptable brands… but these are the safest three, with Converse currently the most acceptable. You basically want to stay away from wearing gym or running sneakers to the bar. And I usually against wearing anything in white.

The Don't

1. Do a half-tuck

This is one of the lamest looks around, and yet I still see it every now and then. The half-tuck is when you
put tuck side of your collared shirt in, leaving the other out. Most guys do this to combat a shirt that is too long or baggy. A lot of guys try to make it look like an accident. But rest assured, we all know that everyone looks in a mirror at least once before they go out. Everybody knows what you're doing, and nobody's impressed. Buy a shirt that fits.

2. Wear Under Armor-like clothes

A form-fitting shirt is one thing, spandex is another. The aim is to highlight muscles, not showboat them to the world. You take away any advantage you may have had when you were a size small yellow shirt from Abercrombie. And tight pants are deal-breakers. Wearing tight pants takes all the attention off the rest of your body. Girls will only see the pants when they look at you. They'll think skater boy or punk rocker, and next they'll look for eye liner and a chain wallet. Stirkes 2 and 3 right there.

3. Wear Sandals

Unless you're on the beach, do not wear sandals to the bar. You'll get stepped on at least once by the end of the night, especially if you make your way to the dance floor. Plus, it brings your toes and feet into the spotlight. No matter how nice your feet may be, women will always look away. Don't highlight parts of your body that can only hurt your chances.

4. Wear a baggy sweatshirt

Sometimes a hooded sweatshirt and jeans can be a good look, especially in the wintertime. But a big, baggy sweatshirt makes it look like you just don't care. It's okay to go casual and laid back sometimes, but this is too much.

5. Wear sports clothing

If your shirt says Nike, Reebok, Adidas, or Under Armor, leave it in the drawer on Friday night. Nothing says socially challenged more than outdated sports gear at a bar. You're not at an IM football game. This stuff is chic repellent.

It's not too difficult to dress appropriately to the bar. But it does take some thought. Put on these normal clothes and be confident that girls are looking at your for the right reasons.

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