How to Walk Like An Alpha Male

I posted this awhile back, but at the request of a friend, and with the recognition of the post’s importance, I am re posting it again below. ?Its all about?how to Walk With Confidence.

I’ve had many guys tell me that this one article changed their game dramatically. It can be said that inner game can be a product of your physiology. If that is true, then this technique alone will drastically improve your inner game.

Video of How to Walk with Confidence

The Gunslinger Walk by Sebastian Drake

Throughout society, people often get into a situation where two people are walking directly at each other. Whenever this happens to you, one of three things happens typically:

I. You move for the other person.
II. You both move halfway out of the way.
III. The other person moves for you.

People move for people that they see as higher status than them subconsciously. The most common and obvious example are beautiful women, and then high status men. The man might have status from a style of dress, large muscles, or just the way he carries himself.

When you move out of someone’s way – especially a beautiful woman – you’re signifying that you see her as better than you. This does not bode well for meeting her later.

Henceforth, you NEVER move for another person based on status alone. You’ll move if you meet someone handicapped, elderly, or young children – and thats it. With people who are also high status, you will move a half-step out of the way, and they will move the other half step. With a solid presence, you will feel people who believe themselves lower social status than you moving out of your way as you move through the world without you even doing anything.

The Gunslinger’s Walk is a highly exaggerated style of walk based on highly successful men and the caricature and archetype of an 1800’s gunslinger – either the white-hat sheriff, or the black-hat bandit. Men who moved with raw electrifying presence.

Gunslinging isn’t necessary, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun. It’s mirrored off people who brim with the utmost confidence. Simply observing one of these people can strike wonder, awe, and inspiration into the hearts of those around them. The key elements of a Gunslinger’s Walk are:

Horizonview: Staring beyond the crowd and expecting it to part.

Thrown back shoulders: The essence of good body language.

Roll in the heels: An exaggerated roll of the heels at the end of each step.

Roll in the hips: An exaggerated push from the hips with each lift of the leg.

Slow movement: Moving extremely slowly through crowds.

Knowing smile: The disarming, self-assured smile finishes the look.

The Horizon view

The legendary cowboys did not look at a crowd as they moved through it: Their eyes were always looking past, staring off into the horizon and the adventures that lay beyond. In modern times, you see the most beautiful women and high status men not looking at people directly in front of them, but instead staring past them into the distance as they think about what goals they want to achieve.

Every time two people walk directly towards one another in a straight line, it becomes a negotiation. The lower value person moves from the way of the higher person. By taking a long past view at the horizon, you transcend the negotiation and the struggle, and people are more likely to move out of the way of you as you pass.

Thrown back Shoulders

Rise up to your full stature. Remember to keep your shoulders back and broad at all times, with your chest out and your stomach in. Picture the cowboy – he never made himself small, or meek, or falsely humble. He moved with purpose, and with his full stature.
Roll in the Hips and Heels

When your foot lands, land first with your heel, and “roll through” into the front of your foot, pushing off the ball. To aid you, you can mentally imagine a? sound like a cowboy’s spurs every time your foot touches the ground. Ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching.

Throw your hips into your walk, rolling them through so you rock ever so-slightly back and forth each time you move. This will add to your stature once again, and draw a bit more attention to yourself. It’s crucial to keep your view to the horizon if you’re rolling your hips: You look like you’re a larger than life figure that way, as opposed to just trying to court attention.

Slow Movement

When gunslingin’, it’s crucial to move at a slow pace. When you hurry through the world, it’s hard to get people to move for you. To take this to its logical extreme, if someone is stopped, everyone is forced to go around them. So move slower than people around you – it gives you a presence, makes you look powerful, and means people scurrying will tend to defer to you.

The Knowing Smile

When gunslinging, remember to smile – don’t try to look hard?. It’s a slight, knowing, self-assured and self-confident smile, with just a dash of cockiness mixed in. A slight smile goes a long way with gunslinging to keep curiosity mixed in and soften you up slightly.

How to Part a Crowd

Here’s the secret behind my legendary gunslinging performances: Once two people simultaneously break out of your way at the front of a crowd, people’s natural instincts are to follow the people in front of them. They assume that someone or something important is coming through, and tend to break sideways. The effect becomes more pronounced the more people who do it: So, you start gunslinging, with a view on the horizon, great body language, rolling your heels and hips, moving slowly, with a slight knowing smile. You don’t look at people in front of you that are oncoming, you look at one point off into the distance where you’re walking.

Then, one person moves – then two. Jackpot, there’s a great chance the crowd will break and you can then part the seas? as you move through it, which creates quite a stir, quite an impression, and quite an entrance.

Directing Traffic Like the Alpha Male

One last tip that’ll help with gunslinging, if you choose to try it. This one’s a bit more advanced and complicated, so get the fundamentals down first.

You can direct traffic? by which hand you hold up as people are walking towards you. The key is to lift up the opposite hand of the way you want the person to go, with your palm facing towards they way you want them to go.

So, if you want someone to pass you on your left, raise your right arm from your side upwards. Your palm should be facing left. This directs traffic, though it’s tricky to get. Once you get it though, it’s invaluable, especially in nightclubs.

The Gunslinger’s Walk is a potential nuclear reactor in your social toolbox, so have fun and use it wisely. Don’t go overboard with it, or get high on the power.

And that is how you walk like an alpha male, walk with confidence, with power, and with a vision.

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