The Greatest Depression? 7 Ways to Man The Hell Up

The Greatest Depression? Time To Man The Hell Up

This financial crisis has hit us all like an earthquake. Initial tremors spread panic and confusion, as our formerly stable world shook to wild news reports. Then several pillars of the financial world came crashing down, and the rest were destabilized. Now we survey the wreckage in a state of disbelief, wondering if the worst is yet to come. If all those office blocks and strip malls aren’t about to bury us…

Even if it doesn’t come to that, it’s plain to see there’s a lot of uncertainty and suffering going around. Hard times call for us to get tough, and reorientate from social to survival skills. Here are some ways to do that:

#1. First, Get Your Head Straight

For many, this crash is still just a dark stormcloud on the horizon. Could be you’ve recently been laid off though – in the worst case scenario, you’ve been laid off and have a wife and kids to support.

Now, something like that is stressful as hell at the best of times. Unemployment can have a terrible effect on a man’s self-esteem. If he can’t provide for himself or his family – if he has to depend on a welfare check – chances are he’s going to feel powerless, which is about the worst way for a man can feel.

You have to help yourself, before you can help anyone else. Forget the shame of depending on welfare – see it as a temporary crutch. Keep in mind though, if this thing gets bad enough, those checks will dry up. If that happens, well, expect all hell to break loose. The government’s preparing for that dire eventuality, and so should you.

For now, what you have to do is resist the temptation to surrender to depression. Dig deep, get your game face on and find yourself some damn work. Some humble pie will have to be eaten: you may have to take a job way below your level of qualification. Remember, the main thing is to keep busy. Hard work is the best way to keep yourself together – and if you absolutely cannot find a job, then pour your energy into getting into shape.

#2. Slash Your Expenses

Everyone knows they have to tighten their belts, and most folks have already taken them in a notch or two. Luxuries are the first thing out the window, and we trust you’ve got the sense and self-discipline to recognize indulgences you can go without. Cigarettes, booze, fancy food, pricy entertainment and other expensive habits – take an axe to these things. You’ll be healthier for it.

That’s not to say go without fun. There’s some truth to the best things in life being free, and if you can’t figure out what those things are, try asking your wife or girlfriend. Connecting with friends and family is another way to increase your happiness at no cost.

Once you’ve trimmed luxury expenses, you’ll have to start substituting even necessities with cheaper make-do’s. Repair rather than replace, do everything you reasonably can yourself and use the whole buffalo. Make your own meals, clip coupons and borrow or rent rather than buy everything from books to tools. Let “conservation” be your watch-word.

#3. Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg

It takes about a year to become a decent “farmer,” so get started today. You’ll need to put in a few hours research, a few dollars on seeds and a several hours honest work in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, get planters. Even if you never go short for food, growing your own produce is better for health and deeply rewarding – so here’s a good excuse to get started.

#4. Study Economics

Like we said, this thing was like an earthquake… It doesn’t help much to think of it in those terms though! This wasn’t an inexplicable act of God, but an act of (mostly greedy and short-sighted) men. As such, it can be understood.

It’s not easy to understand, but the more you do so the less helpless you’ll feel. Knowledge is power. If you get your head around why this thing happened, you go from being a victim to part of the solution. The end goal is the establishment of a better system.

We recommend keeping abreast of financial developments through sites like Bloomberg and Forbes, as well as studying economic fundamentals through people like the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. The Mises guys offer a lot of free book downloads, and their approach is focused on facts and causes.

Ignorance will only work against you, and really, this stuff isn’t rocket science. It only gets that way when people are trying to bamboozle you… So buckle down and get savvy, no matter how much you hate economics – you may even find you have a talent for it.

#5. Study Tax & Financial Law

Yeah, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. But we’re not saying become an accountant, we’re saying know your rights. Make sure you understand your legal options if you’re in any kind of debt, and make double damn sure if you’re facing foreclosure. There are limits on what debtors can and cannot do to you. For instance, if they’re constantly hounding you over the phone, a certain letter will shut them up. It’ll buy you time as well and, in the case of small amounts, possibly a reprieve.

Understand your Constitutional Rights as a citizen too. Make sure you’re not paying too much tax, especially if your taxes aren’t visibly benefitting your own community. In such a case, you can be sure everyone else in your community is unhappy too. It may then be time to network, get organised and exercise your rights to fair taxation.

Also, be aware if those who carry the major tax burden in your state are losing their jobs and / or relocating en masse. If so, expect municipal and administrative services to decline across the board. Be prepared for bureaucratic delays, lowered quality of life and even strikes by public servants. Consider relocation yourself if you can afford it, otherwise organise collectively to protect your way of life.

#6. Protect Your Neighbourhood

Ask a cop, or anyone else with a lick of common sense – as poverty and unemployment rises, so does crime. Instead of relying on emergency services under an increasing strain, take action to prevent crime in your immediate environment. Secure your home as a priority: for starters, acquire the habit of always locking doors and closing windows. Consider an alarm system, and other security options like fencing.

If your area becomes increasingly dangerous, consider forming a gated community or join with others in your community in a neighborhood watch program. We’re not advocating vigilantism, just keeping a careful watch on the comings and goings in your area, paying particular attention to the homes of the elderly or otherwise vulnerable.

You may consider acquiring a legal firearm for purposes of defense. There are even friendly clubs of firearm enthusiasts who’ll teach you to shoot for free. Accepting responsibility in an adult manner will lead to true self-respect.

#7. Put It All Together

Chances are, you’ve learned or are learning how to be a man who attracts women. There’s a lot more to manhood than that however. The above are just a few examples of what else a man should be: self-sufficient, informed, strong and a protector to his family, friends and kin. If you’ve internalised the values of the men’s movement – confidence, determination, discipline – you’re on the right track. In an organic way, allow these values to direct not only seduction but survival too… Often it takes real challenge to bring out a man’s best, and we hope you’ll rise to the challenge of the times.

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