Funny Google News Images… Who Chooses These Things?

One of the truly under-appreciated sources of amusement on the Internet is the Google News feed. Not so much the actual news contained – you can only laugh so many times at headlines about the latest terrorist attack or the most recently found thing that will give you cancer – but the amazing pairing of images next to the story.

I’m not sure if it’s a computer program that decides what images go with what news stories, or if some sorry programmer is locked in a dark, damp basement somewhere and these are his ways to “stick it to the man”, but every few days or so one particular pairing scrolls through my feed that immediately makes me pull out the ol’ Print Screen trick and save the image in my virtual scrapbook. As such, over the years I’ve collected quite a few of these. And now, for the good of mankind, I will share the top five with the world.

Remember, these are actual news story/image pairings from Google News. Enjoy.

I guess the message here is that there’s always a silver lining, even in a “many babies dying” story. In this case, the bright side is that they were all kid pirates.

“Come out with your hands up, Weathergirl Bandit. Now there’s a good girl. Good girl. Gooood girl. Awww. We can’t stay mad at you. You’re free to go.”

Too perfect for words.

Smart choice, Google News. Showcase a man obviously so in love with himself that he can’t even take his tie off before “getting on with things”. At least he has the good sense to move his tie to the side.

Odd thing is, this might be the best image possible to get the news across without getting too graphic.


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