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5 Questions About the Secrets of Sexual Power


By: Bobby Rio

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What do you believe the biggest mistake men make in regards to pleasing a woman sexually?

Men think they please her, but really don’t.

They don’t know what it means to please her, they don’t know IF they pleased her, and some don’t even know if she had an orgasm! Some men think that if they fuck her hard, all is good. But they find out when she doesn’t want to have sex, or she simply dumps him.

The key to success is to learn what it means to please a woman, and to learn what it takes to please a woman. Most men do not know all the things that are involved.

At a high level, the route to pleasing a woman is to leverage the very powerful mental aspects of female sexuality. For women, sex is entirely mental.

The proof is in the orgasms. And that must include vaginal orgasms in intercourse. There are methods to make that happen, and there are methods to know with absolute certainty if a woman is having an orgasm or not.

You know if you are pleasing her when she wants it all the time. For women, the better it is, the more she wants it. Period.

How do you recommend men with little sexual experience develop the necessary sexual confidence?

It has nothing to do with experience. I know many women who divorced their experienced husbands because he was a lousy lover.

Being a good lover is all about knowledge and beliefs. Get the correct knowledge and take on the correct beliefs.

I have testimonials from many men who studied up when they were virgins, and then when they were first with a woman, the women told them they were by far the best lover they had ever been with. In many cases the women had their very first vaginal orgasm.

Is there one piece of advice that you can give men that will help them improve in the bedroom.

It’s not about getting sex, it’s about obliging her need for really good sex. That will change everything.

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What do you think is the biggest misconception out there in regards to sex.

Men think that women have all the power.

Men complain that a woman can walk into any bar and take a man home in 5 minutes. And from that, men conclude that women have all the power. But you don’t see women doing that. What does that tell you?

Look at reality. Has a woman ever cried on your shoulder because the bad boy she was dating was treating her like dirt? And you don’t understand why she won’t date you, a nice guy. The reality of the situation is that she is addicted to the hot sex with the bad boy, but she wants the respect she gets from the nice guy. She can’t find it all in one man.

The reality is that women are unfulfilled. They lay awake in bed at night fantasizing about what it would be like to be with a truly exciting lover, yet be respected for the unique person they are. They read 400 page romance novels to vicariously live the life they really wanted to live. Women do not have any granted power to get what they want.

A woman can only get all the things she has to have by being with a real man. A man who is an exciting lover. A man who will lead her into exciting experiences that she never dreamed possible. A man who will make her do things she is too inhibited to do, but deep down inside really wants to do. A man who’s going to bring out that ruthlessly expressive animalistic natural creature in her. A man with which she can totally surrender to, and be swept away by. Women want to get slutty, but she doesn’t want to BE a slut. She cannot initiate, because that would define her as a slut. She can only be slutty under the lead of her man. But it must also be a man that respects her.

Only with such a man can she have all that she needs to have. And thus, one could conclude that, men have all the power. But the healthy way to look at it is that it takes two to Tango. You are the masculine compliment to her femininity. She is the feminine compliment to your masculinity.

Do not seek to have power over women, instead, be Personally Powerful, and empower her.

Do you have any specific recommendations for readers who may be having trouble “keeping it up” during sex due to psychology reasons?

For healthy young men, it is almost always due to psychological reasons, not physiological reasons. The subconscious mind is in complete control of the erection, and it can sabotage it as well. If the subconscious mind has been programmed with an agenda objecting to sex, the subconscious mind will see to it that there will be no sex.

This is usually caused by some kind of internal conflict regarding sex. Sometimes the man has shame or guilt regarding sex due to a strict upbringing. Sometimes the man is overly self-conscious in some way about his sexuality. When the man worries about not being able to get it up, it is certainly going to cause it to not get up.

The same could be said for premature ejaculation. When the man worries about coming too soon, that is exactly what is going to happen.

The underlying root cause for the internal conflict must be addressed. The answer lies in realizations of truth with integration into the psyche.

My clients who before had problems with keeping it up, or premature ejaculation, simply concentrated on fingering techniques and mental techniques to give their woman orgasms like she had never had before. Her orgasms give him a sense of competence. Closeness is built, followed by comfort, trust, and an emotional connection. As a result, and even before he realizes it, he no longer has the problem.

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