Clip Real: The Best of the Three Stooges

With last week’s report from Variety [LINK:] that Jim Carrey and Sean Penn have signed on as Larry and Curly in the upcoming Farrelly brothers “Three Stooges” movie – and even more importantly, that Benicio Del Toro is in talk to play Moe! – you can’t blame me for having a little bit of Stooge Fever. This is what we’re looking at here, people:

As such, it seems appropriate to close out this bastard of a week by combing through the Stooge archive and finding the best five clips. Watch them while at work so you can justify it in your head that you got paid for laughing. Enjoy!


We’ll start, obviously enough, with the famous pie fight with the crusty elite.


The Stooges as Nazis. ‘Nuff said.

This is basically your essentially Stooge clip. Give them some job, stick them in a room, and let them completely destroy it with their incompetence. No doubt the movie will feature a whole bunch of set pieces like this. Basically, it’s Final Destination but with hilarity instead of gore.


Worth checking out for not only the oddly surreal narrative, but for the amazing special effect at 2:20 when Curly lands an upper cut.


Labeled on YouTube as “the most violent sequence ever”, in real life, the Stooges would be dead following this short.

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