Cruise/Travolta to Remake “Butch Cassidy”

Well, here’s some amazing news. From the all-powerful Internet rumor mill – one of which can be located here, Scientologist duo Tom Cruise and John Travolta are set to remake the classic film Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid with the pair of them in the titular roles. First, the actual news:

The Valkyrie actor started plans to produce the 60s western – which is about two lovable bank robbers – last year and hopes to star in the movie with his close friend John Travolta. The 46-year-old star even got the blessing of Paul Newman – who originally played the role of Cassidy – before he died from lung cancer last September and is currently in talks with scriptwriters.

Something tells me he didn’t “get the blessing” of Newman as much as he waited for him to die in order to tell people that story. In any case, a few of the expecting changes the pair plan to make include: (1) instead of banks, the outlaw duo will be robbing thetans from  affected individuals; (2) instead of the law, they will be on the run from the horrors of  psychiatrists on horseback; (3) instead of being good, the movie will suck.

This is one of those ideas from the “It’s Such A Bad Idea It’s A Great Idea” Department. Like the Nicolas Cage-starring remake of Bad Lieutenant. Or the Timbaland-produced Chris Cornell album. Or the Broncos being happy to go into next year with Kyle Orton as their starting quarterback. No doubt we’ll be waiting anxiously for this one.

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