Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

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Best Weekend Reading

I think at some point every guy in his life has wanted this job. Its fun to read a little bit about it.

Doubt destroys more men than all of the natural disasters combined. This article sheds some light on the topic of self doubt.

Here is a great article about improving your voice tonality. I actually just bought a course on this subject and will be sharing details soon.

Publishers have been sending me a ton of books to review, here are some of the recent books: Emergency by Neil Strauss, The Liberation Diet by Kevin Brown, How to Talk to Anyone by Jill Speigl, and Hero: Becoming the Man She Desires by Fred Stoeker.

Here is a short but powerfully awesome anecdote about the powerful man.

Scott Mckay posted a video about using Twitter for sharpening your online dating skills.

Braddock from Love Systems posted a series of videos on College game– worth checking out.

Just want to remind everyone who is contemplating taking a bootcamp to check out AFC Adam’s schedule as I can personally testify for the results he gets from his students.

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