Statement T-Shirts

Some might argue that much like polite dinner conversation, T-shirts ought never address the subjects or religion, income, or politics. To this I say, Psh! Yet the statement T-shirt is indeed an article of clothing not to be considered nonchalantly, an item which ranges from vulgar and horrible to vulgar and delightful with a few predictably ironic mediocre ones in between. Here we have a gamut of statement T-shirts so that you can place yourself on the continuum.

Vulgar and Horrible: For weirdos

Creeeeeepy and not the kind of thing you want to wear home to meet the parents.

Pathetic and Horrible: For those of you who still think you’re twelve

You’re not a junior high school goth exercising teenage angst anymore, remember that.

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About TracyOneill Tracy is a freelance writer based out of Brooklyn obsessed with nutritional supplements, mediocre music, audacious (to put it politely) apparel, literary giants, and perfecting the fine art of the Sunday Bloody Mary.

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