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Cool Shit: The Fart Twitterer


Electricity. Landing on the moon. The creation of HD-TV. These are moments in our history where, for a brief moment in time, we witness humanity reach its full potential. The only reaction one can have is sitting back and taking a moment to ponder the powerful mystery of creation. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you another one of those historic moments: The Fart-Twittering Office Chair.


The folks over at Instructables have developed an office chair that sends out “tweets” whenever it detects the emission of natural gas “such as that produced by human flatulence” by the person sitting on the chair. In layman’s terms, this means it posts whenever someone farts.

Here’s the actual twitter account to add to your favorites, or follow, or do whatever it is one does with Twitter accounts. My favorite posts so far:

“Didn’t hear that coming.”

“Someone please disassemble me.”

And of course, the succinct and brilliant:


Thing is, how is this any different from the hot air being released by actual Twitter users? Is this the beginning of the end for the popular micro-posting network once people realize that this, ultimately, is the only thing worth reading on its servers? And most importantly, how long until someone develops Queef-Twittering technology?

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Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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