Clip Reel: Best Madden Moments

With yesterday’s news that longtime announcer John Madden is going to be vacating his position in the booth, the world of the NFL is losing one of the great ambassadors of the game.

Take out his role as the great Raiders coach during the 70s, or the inherent ability to break down the complexities of the game to the layman while in the booth, or the introduction of “turducken” to our language, and he’s still the man responsible for the greatest football video game of all time. Madden was a cultural icon. As such, we’re celebrating his career by looking at some of the best Madden-related content on the YouTubes:

Everybody knows that “Boom! Tough Actin’ Tinactin!” commercials, but what about this little piece of ad history where the large man uses his obvious love of food to endorse the prompt service of McDonald’s.

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