Classy Manhood 101: The Classic Cocktails

There are skills every man must develop: shaving, perfect tie tying, and of course making a proper cocktail. No, not jungle juice or any other beverage incorporating Hawaiian Punch and/or Gatorade. I’m talking about the classic cocktails that could take the sneer off of Dirty Harry’s mug. Follow these instructions to make the vital drinks that take the edge off of hard day of work, or during the recession, a hard day of unemployment.

The standard martini is made with gin as a base alcohol but for those who prefer a smoother taste, vodka may be used instead.
1) Add a small splash of dry vermouth to a shaker. Give it a quick swirl and toss the vermouth.
2) Shovel in ice and a hell of a lot of gin or vodka.
3) Shake shake shake.
4) Pour through strainer into a glass and top with olives or a bit of lemon peel, e.g. a “twist.”
* For a dirty martini, add olive juice to step 2.

Like the martini of whiskey drinkers, a Manhattan can be enjoyed anywhere, on the island or off.
1) Scoop ice into a shaker and add a blip of vermouth, a few dollops of bitters, and as much whiskey as you can handle.
2) Shake shake shake.
3) Pour through a strainer into a glass and top with a cherry.

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