Clip Reel: Feats of Professional Athleticism

During last week’s NFL Draft – also known as “the most boring and overrated day of the football season” – the Chicago Bears made a bit of news by drafting defensive tackle Jarron Gilbert with their first pick in the 3rd round. The reason this is something to even be pointed out is because there’s a good chance the Bears made the pick based on Gilbert’s famous Pool Jump which made the kid a “YouTube Sensation”:

With that in mind it seems like a good time to point out another few “feats of athleticism” by professional athletes, showcasing their strange and amazing abilities that makes them all better than you:

Joey Gathright: Car Jump

We’ll start with current Cubs outfielder Joey Gathright jumping over a car. Unlike Kobe Bryant who produced a fake, yet hilariously copycat-able, car-jump video, this one by Gathright is legit. And that alone was enough to convince me to pick him up on my fantasy baseball team a few years ago.

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