Urinal News: Kneeling Pads

We’ve all been there.

You put a little too much “oomph” behind your urine flow, maybe aim at the wrong angle, or maybe the urinal itself is a little too shallow for your reservoir, and you back away from the pee process with a bunch of polka-dotted splash-back marks on your pants. The lone solution used to be furiously washing your hands and using the front of your pants as a towel, making sure to tell everyone outside of the bathroom that they were out of paper towels, telling a little fib to mask your shame. That was, until the invention of this urinal kneeler doo-hickey. And yes, of course it was invented in Japan:

The contraption, grossly called the Angel Lap Pillow, prevents the splash-back phenomenon altogether by providing a comfortable landing pad to allow you to … what? Closer access to the urinal or toilet? A way to keep your pants away from any possible splash-back, forcing any return volleys to hit nothing but your genitals?

I was extremely hesitant about believing the science behind this product; if you’re closer to the urinal, wouldn’t there be more of a chance of getting urine remnants on your pants? Luckily the article included these indisputable images that help prove their point:

I’m sold.

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