Hang Tight: Wear Suspenders Without Looking Like a Dweeb

The Secret to Wearing Suspenders for Guys

Recently, suspenders have been making a big comeback. And understandably, it’s a trend which you may approach with some trepidation. You don’t want to look like one of those kids from The Sound of Music!

The number one rule for keeping suspenders cool is beware of patterns. Texture is fine, but patterns, not so much–especially checkered patterns. You are not a board game; remember that!

Similarly, stay away from anything too kitschy. Anything with animals, holiday motifs, or worst of all, smiley faces, should be avoided. Accessories are not for sending seasons greetings, unless you’re a kindergarten teacher.

It’s important not to treat the suspenders as part of a costume but blend them seamlessly with classic pieces like crisp collared shirts or T-shirts and well-fitted pants.

Also, slim suspenders cut a much better figure than thick ones, which will make you look like your grandfather.

Guys that really want to go bold can look for suspenders made out a materials besides

cloth, like these metal chain link ones, which add some toughness to a rather dandified accessory.

But if you’re really concerned about looking like your Uncle Everett, who still lives in grandma’s basement, you can always try the suspenders out beneath an open jacket comme ca.

Ultimately though, if you carry yourself with enough confidence, not like a guy that looks like he’s about to wet his pants with self-consciousness, you can pull off suspenders. Or any look for that matter.

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