Warning: Always Look Up

Sometimes, as a young man full of spunk and vigor, it’s hard not give in to one of nature’s more potent urges. You could just be sitting in your car, a Dodge Nitro for instance, and maybe you notice a cute girl walking by, and maybe you’re on your lunch break, maybe in Edmonton, Alberta, and maybe you have a TV nearby that has some adult entertainment you can peruse. And maybe, you know, you feel like it’s best that you relieve a little tension before heading back into the office. Don’t want to accidentally fly off the handle after all, especially in the current climate of economic instability. And maybe your car is parked in such a position as that other people walking down the street can’t see what you’re doing with your hands. And even they could, you have that sheet nearby that can be strategically placed above your pants as to obscure the rhythmic motions you are making underneath. And maybe, you know, this will only take a few minutes and no one’s going to see, so why not?

And maybe you forgot about your open sunroof and, more importantly, the handful of office workers above, videotaping your exploits to put on the Internet for all eternity.

(Warning: There is technically masturbating happening below, so even though there’s not any nudity, it might be slightly NSFW.)

Make sure to watch towards the end when one of the office workers makes a cameo appearance, alerting the stick-shifter to the people above.

The video [via Jalopnik in a post aptly-titled “Remember To Close Your Sunroof While Masturbating”] is another warning to all of you randy gentlemen living in the time of Big Brother: There are cameras everywhere. And even if there aren’t, there’s always Ceiling Cat to worry about.

You’re welcome.

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