The Future of Baseball: Flip-Swing and a Beauty

If you head into your local library and flip through the dusty archives, researching how the sport of baseball was played when it was first created, you’ll see an entirely different game from what it is today. Balls were made of poorly-stitched together cloth objects. The batter was allowed to tell the pitcher what he wanted thrown to him. Everyone was really, really white. The game we’ve come to know and love as “baseball” has very little in common with the original game; most notably, now there’s steroids. This transition over time is an ordinary thing in the sports world. Usually, every offseason the sultans of the sport get together in their black masses to change a minor rule or two, changing the game at a slow evolutionary pace until the game you witness a decade earlier is now entirely different. And, well, this is all a long ways of saying not to fear the following video. While it signifies the future of baseball, you have to understand that change is inevitable. Embrace it.

According to the information on the YouTube upload, the creator of the swing is Josh Womack, an outfielder for the Long Beach Armada, an independent team that recently received some infamy after having Steroidadamus Jose Canseco on their roster. Oh, and apparently creative bat-swinging isn’t Womack’s only skill:

Womack’s ability to swing the bat around and catch it again are only surpassed the his sharp wit. After he realized camp had stopped down to watch him, pitcher Jose Lima yelled out “nice pants!” to which Womack replies “Nice face.” ZING!

Uh, sure. Burn, I guess. In any case, the main point of that last story is that we have a somewhat-valid excuse to post that famous image of Jose Lima and his enormously-breasted wife. Win-win!


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