So Fresh and So Clean: Summer Scents That Won’t Make You Reek

One of these days, it?s actually going to get hot out. And when it does, you probably don?t want to be wearing your usual cold weather scent. As your body temperature rises, as it is apt to do as the weather becomes warmer, your skin releases scent more forcefully. So your normal cold weather fragrance may start to become repellently strong as though you?ve been marinating in a tub of Guido for the past several months. Tasty? I think not.

Of course you will be sweating more during the summer also, and going without cologne may make your compatriots (not to mention eligible bachelorettes) think Oh no! not au naturel. Just because you don?t apply a scent doesn?t mean that you?re scentless, and reeking of body odor is no good either.

Instead, look for a lighter summer fragrance. Go for something refreshing to prevent being repugnant. Rather than go with a musky,woody, or spicy scent, look for one with citrus, fruit, or floral undertones. Don?t know what that means? When combing fragrance descriptions, look for words like ?refreshing,? ?light,? ?summer,? or ?cool.? Stay away from words like “bold,” “Oriental,” or “sensual,” or “aromatic.” These are euphemisms for Too Smelly for Summer. If you don?t want to have to do your fragrance homework though, just try one of these easy to wear scents, and keep it to one or two spritzes.

  • John Varvatos Artisan
  • Bulgari Eau Parfumme Green Tea
  • L?eau d?Issey Miyake Pour Homme Summer
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  • Versace Man Eau Fraiche
  • Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme
  • Fresh Citron de Vigne
  • Kenzo Pour Homme
  • Cartier Declaration Bois Bleu

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