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The 10 Best iPhone Apps

There’s a world of iPhone apps out there vaster even than the American attention span for reality TV. Everywhere you turn there’s a new game, a new tool, a new doo-hickey to fill up your finite quantity of GBs. So now is the time to choose wisely. But since intelligent decisions aren’t as much a part of human nature as the propensity to download as many iPhone apps as possible, we’ve gotten choosy for you.

  1. Pandora
    My favorite music website is now available on the iPhone to help discover more music akin to my already acknowledged favorites. Thank you, Pandora, for introducing me to Handsome Furs.
  2. Shazam
    Do not spend hours trying to figure out the song name or artist after hearing that one song on the radio, at the club, or in the grocery store, as I did with ?No Games? by Serani for six months. Just Shazam it.
  3. WritingPad
    Like a writing pad but less crinkle-able.
  4. Pageonce Personal Assistant
    If you?ve always wanted an assistant but could never afford one, this app is almost as good, though perhaps not as personable, as a recent college grad desperate for work in a troubled economy.
  5. City Transit
    This navigator will keep you from ever having to do the most stereotypically emasculating thing in the entire world: asking for directions.
  6. Air Hockey
    All the fun of the real deal without the threat of getting your fingers smashed by flying pucks.
  7. Ocarina
    If it weirds you out that this app makes touching on your iPhone like playing the wood flute, you?re not alone. Ocarina is like the Kindle of musical instruments but cooler.
  8. One Hundred Pushups
    Like a less annoying (not to mention expensive) motivational coach to help you reach your fitness goals.
  9. Yelp
    Find the best bars, restaurants, and clubs according to the computered masses.
  10. Tee-Shot
    Golf cards look like relics of the pre-Tiger era with this bad boy.

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