The Worst Wax Figures of All Time

Whenever you enter a Ripley?s Believe It or Not, or visit a Madame Tussaud?s, or just check out the creepy figurine collection from that old lady across the street, you can?t help but awe at the incredible craftsmanship that it took to create the replications. The steady hand, an amazing attention to detail, and tremendous focus all adds up to what is, truly, an under-appreciated art. Of course, there are plenty that don?t quite cut it. Like this one of Roberts, for example, where she looks basically like Willem Dafoe with longer hair:

The image comes courtesy of Buzzfeed, who has a fantastic image gallery of the worst wax figures of all time. Like, say, Willis wearing football-like shoulder pads under his lumberjack flannel:

Or Tom , who looks kind of like the demon/director of ?The Room?

But let?s go ahead and end this with this horrific triptych of characters:

There you go. That should keep you from wasting time sleeping for the next few nights.

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