Rad Art: Cult Film Family Portraits

There?s nothing creepier than the ol? family portrait. For whatever reason, the thought of sitting down the entire family, having them stare off into space while some artist tries to capture the intricacies of dad?s furrowed brow, mom?s forced Botox-enhanced smile, and son?s guilty smirk creeps me the fuck out. And my finding the following image, featuring the one-scarier-than-the-next family from The Shining, isn?t helping matters any:

Now, parodying The Shining is no new thing ? this particularly amazing effort is still, hands-down, the best ? but how many out there have the artistic vision and guts to parody the iconic Mr. and Mrs. Billy Mitchell couple from the great documentary The King of Kong?

The portraits comes from a wonderful art exhibit called ?Crazy 4 Cult: 3-D?, taking place out here in Los Angeles at Gallery1988 through August 8th. If you?re in the area, do take a look. If you?re not, here?s a website that has a few more portraits for your viewing pleasure. And if you?re rich, why not spend some money, help out the economy, and purchase one of these pieces for your barren wall? There are worse conversation pieces than a portrait of Steve Martin with his black family from The Jerk.

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About Rick Mosely Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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