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Photoshop Fun: Movie Plots That Wouldn’t Work Otherwise

There?s a theory in film analysis ? and literature in general, I guess ? that says, in order to enjoy any part of a film, an audience member must willingly suspend their disbelief to accept some of the less believably aspects of the film. They need to say to themselves, ?Alright, I know this is complete bullshit, but I?m going to buy into it and just enjoy myself.?? Sometimes it?s easy (the fact that there are huge alien robots fighting each other in downtown Los Angeles in Transformers) and sometimes it?s difficult (Principal Belding having a buddy-buddy relationship with a specific six kids in Bayside High School), but nearly every piece of film or TV show has it.

But now that has released the latest of their patented Photoshop contests, we?re going to have to work even harder to trick our minds. All of these movie plots have such easy solutions! Here?s what I?m talking about:

So obvious. No seductive eyes of Vigo, no movie. Here?s another two:

So now these movies are ruined forever. Thanks, Cracked!

In any case, head over to Cracked to see the rest of the list. It?s definitely worthwhile. And, most importantly, it?ll take a good 15 minute chunk out of your work day. What else can you really ask for?

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