Female Asshole(s) of the Year Award: Drunk Cardinals Fans

You?d think with an award title like this we?d be having a large three-hour long, black-tie-definitely-not-optional ceremony, eventually handing off the trophy to someone like, say, a Belladonna or, if you want to go back a few years, an Alisha Klass. (You can look up both names if you want to, but you probably shouldn?t do it at work.) Instead, this award is for females who act like assholes, not use them. And for that, there?s not much competition compared to these two lady Cardinals fans:

Earlier this month, the two of them were taking in a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium and got a little too inebriated when an usher came up to them to discuss their clear drunkenness. The females responded as any drunken fan is wont to do: By pushing the usher down. Oh yeah, and I should probably mention: The usher was in a wheelchair. And they pushed him out of it.

Here?s the official story, via Sports by Brooks:

Bridget Matarazzi, 25, of the 6500 block of Bradley Avenue, was charged with third-degree assault for allegedly trying to push the usher from his wheelchair when he approached her at a game on Saturday evening to talk to her about her drunkenness, police said.

Hilariously, there?s also this aside:

She had taught social studies and language arts to students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades for the St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic school, a statement from the Archdiocese of St. Louis said.

Catholic school teachers, gentlemen. Ain?t nothing like ?em.

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