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For The Ladies: How To Watch Football


Finally, mercifully, the long wait for the start of football season is nearing its end. The only problem is that, since the sports inception so many years ago, football has only been able to be understood by roughly fifty percent of the population. You see, for whatever reason, women just can’t seem to understand it!

Luckily, the brilliant minds over at Everything Is Terrible have located this instructional video from the 80s to help the vastly-inferior female mind understand the complexities of the sport:

This is obviously an edited version – god help you if you attempt to watch the full video – but it should get enough of the basics of the sport across to your female companion, allowing her to cease her endless questioning, freeing her up to do more important female things, like vacuuming and cooking and purchasing tampons.

Just kidding, ladies. Hooray for equality!

(Also of note: Looking at the shot where the two men in flannel are at the table explaining football to the large-haired women … does anyone see the beginnings of a porn there? Or is that just me?)

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