Architecture Radness: Upside-Down House

Oh, those Germans. Whether it?s going against all conventional wisdom and actually liking David Hasselhoff, or trying to take over the world and exterminate an entire race, they love nothing more than causing a big ol? scene. Take this house, for instance:

Some crazy German went ahead and built an entire house upside-down. And not just the outside, mind you. But the entire interior as well. All of the toilets, and cabinets, and tables, and potted plants, and anything else that stereotypical Germans would have (beer steins?) ? all of it, upside-down! See:


(Head over to this website for some more photos.)

The construction is part of a special exhibit that allows people to come in and take a look. What are they expected to learn? Why one shouldn?t live upside down, I suppose. And that?s a pretty valuable lesson, if you ask me.

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About Rick Mosely Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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