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Do-It-Yourself: Delicious Beer Brats


October. The leaves are falling off the trees. Football is on the ol’ TV nearly every night. Baseball is winding down with a series of classic postseason matchups. A chill in the air blows through your place as it’s time, once again, to take out your fall wardrobe full of sweatshirts and jeans. The perfect time for a beer. And, most importantly, the perfect time to soak various cured meats in beer.


Over at Wired they have a handy guide available showing exactly how to make the culinary delight that is delicious beer brats. They have an intricate explanation – so intricate, there’s pretty much no way you’re going to fuck this one up – for this perfect mid-game meal. In short, the recipe is this:

Step 1: Boil brats in beer.

Step 2: Stick brats on grill, cook.

Step 3: Throw them on a bun. Eat like a king.

But, you know, if you wanted to get a bit more in-depth than that, I’d suggest heading that-a-way.

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