Commemorate The Joy Of The Tigers’ Lost Season

I don?t mind Detroit. Really, I don?t. I know they?ve been having some harsh times ? what with the destruction of the American car industry and all ? and they?re generally nice, enjoyable people. But got-DAMN if the city?s baseball team losing their AL Central championship crown during the last week of the year by losing a whole bunch of games in rapid succession didn?t make this Chicago White Sox fan smile a bit. (But that?s more to do with having a few friends who are, let?s say, animated fans than anything to do with my association with the White Sox.)

And now, with this great link from Deadspin, we all have a way of trash-talking our friends who are annoying fans!

Unfortunately, you can?t buy the memorabilia anymore ? if you could, that would definitely be the way to go ? but saving this image and either emailing it or sticking it up on their Facebook page is the way to go. Perhaps with a phrase like ?So close, yet so far away? or something along those lines. The point is, now is the time to make fun of them! Have at it!

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