Best Breakfast Maker You’ll Ever Have

Sure, Betty over at the Denny?s is a fine waitress. And Mario the cook always gets your eggs over easy just right. But if there?s one thing that?s keeping them from being perfect, it?s the fact that they aren?t an awesome Rube Goldberg machine!

A Rube Goldberg machine, to bring everyone up to speed, are those awesome self-powering contraptions that usually start with something simple ? like, throwing a marble at a deck of cards ? and then get extremely complicated very quickly. The one you?re most familiar with is the board game ?Mousetrap?. In any case, these two designers from Japan have put together one that makes breakfast for you: Coffee, toast and an omelet. Eat it, fictional waitress Betty and fictional cook Mario from Denny?s!.

The point is, watch the video over at Boing Boing. It is in a different language, so you?re not going to be able to understand any of it. But Rube Goldberg machines transcend menial things like ?language?!

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