How To Kill Vampires, The Real Old Fashioned Way

Once again, Halloween week and all, there?s no way I?m not going to mention these amazing vampire killing kits from the motherfucking 1800s! Prepare to get awesomefied:

The kits are part of an auction [which I found via Boing Boing] that were made for the wealthier contingent of folks who were scared to death of vampires. So, kind of like those rich folks who spent a ton of money on oxygen masks during that whole dirty bomb threat after 9/11, these folks back in the day were sucked into spending a bunch of money on this vampire killing kits. And what were they getting for that money?

Inside the beautiful Rosewood case with mother of pearl cross inlay there?s an assortment of items to deal with the undead, including a cleaver, prayer book, Holy water vials, looking glass, silver occult dagger, candles, what looks like some wooden stakes, and a pistol with silver bullets in an ornate coffin case.

On second thought, was there any way the richies could afford not to buy one of these kits?

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