Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

Sexiest Costume Contest . Jenkinson's Halloween Bash . Point Pleasant . New JerseyIn celebration of Halloween, here are the 51 best Halloween links on the internet.  And yes, they include tons of hotties in skimpy costumes.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Rich La Ruina’s new free report Rejection Free Attraction… I highly recommend it, as it contains some good stories, and a few solid pointers that can help you TONIGHT.  And its FREE!

Weekend Eye Candy:  Hot Girls in Hotter Costumes

And if you’re heading out to hit up some Halloween Festivals tonight… I would read this article on why you shouldn’t pick up the Halloween Slut.

Speaking of rejection, Roosh claims getting rejected helps you claim your true potential.  I seriously think he’s right.  Sort of like Babe Ruth being the all time strike out leader….

Weekend Eye Candy:  Malin Ackerman

We all know that its our limited beliefs holding us back… here is a good article on how to free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Feel like learning a new skill?  How about learning to break dance.  Tim Ferris teaches us how to breakdance 101. Tim has a great way of breaking anything down into something manageable.  I’m still working on Salsa though.

Since I delivered pizzas back in college… I have a soft spot for this article on 8 things I learned from delivering pizza…. I know the job sucked… because it was before GPS and cell-phones so I was lost 80% of the time.

Weekend Eye Candy:  Playboy Models in Sexy Halloween Costumes

If you’re heading to a Halloween party tonight amonst friends… read this article on social circle gaming under the radar.  Or buy a copy of my book Social Superstar 🙂

Here are some funny pickup lines for Halloween.

Here are the 7 worst places to take a girl on a first date.

Best Weekend Deals

Get a free ebook filled with 177 pua openers.

The weeks leading up to Christmas is the absolute best time to pull horny and desperate chicks off of online dating sites.  I highly recommend going to Dave M for his insider internet dating secrets.

Joseph Mathews is still offering The Art of Approaching for just $9.99.  This is a STEAL for this ebook.

And AFC Adam Lyons is coming to your town… sign up for a bootcamp.

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