Science Fair Projects And You, Laughing At Them!

Let?s face it, folks: Science is stupid! For too long we?ve been subject to science?s every minor whim, telling us on Monday that we should have a glass of red wine a day to promote our heart, and then informing us on Friday that if we do that we?ll get cancer! Make up your mind, science! And if you can?t, I?m just going to go with the one that tells me to drink more!

Luckily, science is only getting better and more accurate. There?s a platoon of undereducated (to be kind) kids out there who are conducting their own flawless experiments that will attempt to answer some of the great questions in life. Such as why, exactly, our farts smell weird:

This wacky greatness from the always hilarious Buzzfeed features a whole bunch more of these inane science fair projects. To be completely fair, most of them are photoshopped ? a fact that people in the comments over there are mighty angry about ? but it doesn?t make the projects any less funny. Here are our other two favorite:

Obviously, it would behoove you to read the list ? there?s 35 of them! ? in its entirety. Go! Now!

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