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The Inside Scoop: Is She Faking It?

Statistically speaking, there?s a good chance that she is. One survey said as many as 70% of the women participating admitted faking orgasms frequently.? The statistics on this vary considerably, but overall, I think everyone would agree that most women have faked an orgasm at some point in their life.

The reasons why women fake orgasms are numerous. The most popular reason is a desire to please their partner. Other reasons include getting the sex over with, getting approval and avoiding a negative reaction and/or feelings of shame. Some feminists believe that a woman?s motivation for faking orgasms is to conform to a sexual environment that is centered on males.

Whatever a woman?s motivation for faking it, there is no disputing that the underlying issue is her inability to achieve a real orgasm.

How can you tell if you?re partner is faking? Are there some surefire signs that will give her away?

One of the most fundamental truths about women?something which even the ?experts? tend to forget?is that women are like snowflakes; each is completely unique. You could say this about all humankind to some degree, but women take this uniqueness to the next level. Even a woman can?t accurately predict how another woman will respond in a given situation, and this issue of the faked orgasm is no different. Everyone is trying to find common denominators among women, instead of looking for methods for understanding the individual.? Let?s have a look at some of their theories about how to identify a faked orgasm, and see if we can separate the truth from the myths.

She tells you she?s faking it. This could be a pretty clear indication that she?s faking but, then again, even this isn?t 100% reliable.? Women can sometimes say things that aren?t true under the right circumstances. If you?re in the middle of a heated dispute, for instance, and she suddenly claims to have faked all her orgasms, she might be lying (or she might be telling the truth).

She?s excessively needy after sex. Some claim that an overly clingy woman after sex could indicate a lack of orgasm. She didn?t get the ?payoff,? so to speak, and so she?s still looking for something more. This could be the case, but it?s also true that a really great orgasm can cause a woman to become especially affectionate and even ?clingy? after sex.

She?s indifferent after sex. Indifference could indicate disappointment and even resentment. But here again, for every woman whose indifference is brought about by sexual frustration, I?m willing to bet there?s a women who would tell you that a powerful orgasm can leave her utterly spent and too exhausted to even think. I might even be one of those women.

She doesn?t show the physical signs of a woman who just had an orgasm. The differences among women are physical as well as behavioral. Some women become very active right before an orgasm while others are so silent and still you have to check for a pulse. This is because most (not all) orgasms in women are brought about by (varying degrees of) friction combined with concentration. The strength, intensity and locations of the desired friction differ among women, as do the central themes of their concentration. The ratio of friction to concentration also varies significantly. For a woman who needs more fantasy and less friction, the orgasm might be rather quiet and introspective. But in women where the friction is the key element, movement would be crucial. These factors affect her appearance and behavior. Keep this in mind as we examine some of the ?tell tale? signs of orgasm:

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