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How To Get More Sex In Your Relationship

So many guys in relationships aren’t happy with the amount of sex they’re getting. And really, it doesn’t have to be like this. Because if you just eliminate a few behaviors you’re doing unconsciously which are KILLING HER LIBIDO and preventing you from getting sex, and you start doing a few things which make her want sex more, you can start getting much more sex in your relationship.

I’m going to show you my easy four-step method for getting sex as much as you want in your relationship or marriage. I’ve taught this sequence to some of my students, and they now have their girlfriends demanding sex from them 8-10 times per week.

And here’s how:


After love makingMost “relationship” books will tell you that if you’re not satisfied with the amount of sex you’re getting, the solution is communicating with her about the problem, and telling her that you’re not happy with the amount of sex you’re having. And while this sounds like good advice in a relationship book, I’ve found that in the real world this actually makes her want to have sex with you LESS.

This is because of a principle of human sexual behavior which you would do well to internalize:

**We are irresistibly sexually ATTRACTED to things which we perceive to be “forbidden” or which we can’t have, and we are sexually REPULSED from what we are forced to have.**

This explains why some women cheat in relationships, even though it makes no logical sense: they are irresistibly attracted to the “forbidden” sex that cheating brings, and repulsed by the sex which they are obligated to have in their relationship.

Does this mean you can never have great sex in your relationship? Of course not. You just have to eliminate the behaviors which most guys do which put pressure on her and make her feel OBLIGATED to have sex. This includes things like:

– Having a “serious talk” with her, and explaining all the logical reasons why she should have sex with you more (this puts pressure on her to have sex even if the desire isn’t there yet).

– Getting pissed off or sad if she won’t have sex with you (this makes her feel obligated to have sex because she doesn’t want you to be angry or sad)

– Giving her ultimatums or withdrawing affection if she doesn’t have sex with you.

– Getting into “sexual negotiations” where you say things like “I’ll help you clean around the house more often if you give me more blowjobs.” (This pressures her to have sex with you because if she doesn’t, she’ll lose your good behavior outside the bedroom)

There are actually six other very common ways that guys put pressure on women without even realizing it which I go into in the Sex God Method book and VIP Mastermind members’ videos. If you’d like to learn these and many other techniques to give women orgasms and get more sex in your relationship, you can get more information on the Sex God Method here:

Otherwise, from now on just realize that anything you do which puts pressure on her to have sex with her actually makes her want sex LESS.

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