Four Keys To Giving Great Oral

The secret to giving women orgasms through oral sex is VARIETY OF STIMULATION. Various sex gurus teach you different tongue stimulation techniques which are all supposed to be the “magic bullet” for giving her oral orgasms. And they’re all right…PARTIALLY.

Think about when a girl is giving you oral sex. If she keeps using the same stroke, repetitively, over and over again like a robot then after a while your body becomes a little numb to it. While it’ll still feel good, she’ll need to mix it up a little to give you an orgasm. The same goes for women with oral sex. If you just keep repetitively doing your one “magic bullet” oral sex technique over and over like an OCD robot, she’s not going to cum.

There are 9 different “strokes” for giving her oral sex which you need to know to give her the best orgasms through oral sex. That’s a little too much for me to go into right now, but I will share four of the important ones which you can use to make her cum TONIGHT.


MUNI Syphilis WarningAlmost always, this is how you should start oral sex. Before she’s really aroused, this is is the ONLY thing that will feel good for her.

For the teasing stroke, run your tongue over her clitoris so lightly you’re barely touching it. Or alternatively, moisten your lips and do the same thing. Every once in a while, back off an inch and breathe warmly on her vagina.

It seems like you’re doing nothing…but the clitoris is so ultra-sensitive, this will actually feel amazing for her. Soon she’ll be wet and more turned on, so you’re ready to progress to:


Some women will absolutely go crazy for this, and it’s EXCELLENT for giving her variety of stimulation. Take your tongue away from her clit momentarily, and thrust it inside her vagina as deeply as you can. This feels very good for her because the tongue is thick and strong, and can move while it’s inside her.

Also, a HUGE turn on for her will be to look into her eyes as you do this, and show her how much you’re enjoying it.

Now, while this stroke will feel good for her and warm her up for more stimulation, it’s not going to make her cum by itself. You’ll need more clitoral stimulation to do this, which is why when she’s more turned on you should progress to:


My friend Jason Julius uses an extremely disgusting, but very accurate way to describe how to suck on her clitoris. He says to “suck on it as if it’s a little penis.”

This is not the most erotic description of oral sex I’ve ever heard, but as far as describing how to stimulate her clitoris, it’s dead-on accurate. The clitoris is in fact very anatomically similar to a miniature penis, and it will feel good for her if you treat it similarly. Some things you can do:

-Suck it into your mouth, and stimulate it with your lips

-Suck it into your mouth, and lick it more softly

-When she’s more turned on, suck it into your mouth and start licking it more rapidly

Also, be sure to avoid TEETH hitting the clitoris at all costs. Think about what it feels like when she accidentally uses her teeth on YOU during oral sex. And it’s actually much worse for a woman, because the clitoris is many times more delicate and sensitive.

If you avoid the teeth and you did the 3 things which I described above, soon she’s going to be moaning and thrusting her hips up into your mouth. When you can sense she’s almost going to cum, this is the time to use:


Karen and her faceThis is NOT the time to get creative. When she’s this turned on, she doesn’t need variety or teasing anymore…this will only piss her off and frustrate her because it prevents her from having an orgasm. This is when you need to drive her over the edge using a forceful, basic stroke.

Take both of your hands, and hold her hips down to the bed. She’ll be thrusting them up in your mouth instinctively, but this will actually disrupt your stroke and make it harder for her to cum. It also turns her on psychologically because you’re dominantly controlling her body and leading her through orgasm.

Then take your tongue and rub it on her clitoris with a vigorous up and down stroke. She can take a lot of stimulation here. The key at this point: DON’T STOP. Drive her over the edge and make her have that orgasm, and don’t let up until you do.


As with all the physical sex techniques I teach, I’m showing you this with a disclaimer. And that disclaimer is:

These techniques will not work very well if you don’t understand how to turn her on psychologically as well as what physical strokes to use. The only time I can guarantee she’ll have multiple orgasms is when you understand how to psychologically arouse her, AND you know the right “moves” physically.

So, how do you psychologically arouse a woman so you can make her cum?

The most important thing that you can learn about arousing a woman on the psychological level is to learn what her four mental orgasm triggers are. Once you learn what these are, making her cum will be as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button. And when you know great physical techniques ON TOP OF THIS, you’re going to be an unstoppable Sex God.

Check out the video on this page to learn more about her four mental orgasm triggers.


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About Daniel Rose Daniel Rose is the author of the Sex God Method. He teaches men simple yet powerful ways to give women sexual pleasure through using her "Four Orgasm Triggers." Once you know what these are, and how to use each one, giving her an orgasm becomes as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button.

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